Striped bark scorpion

Common Name: Striped bark scorpion
Scientific Name: Centruoides vittatus (Say)
Order: Scorpionida

It’s the beginning of fall and scorpions seem to be popping up everywhere. I’m guessing the good rain we’ve enjoyed has brought out more prey and the predators are rising to the occasion.
The predominant scorpion in our area is the Striped bark scorpion. It’s an ancient, beneficial, painful (but not deadly), tough, hard to kill arachnid, that loves the debris and clutter inside and outside a home, and can go many months without food or water.
While there is no silver bullet for this non-insect arthropod, these four strategies will help:
**Clean up**: empty out the garage, clean up clutter and debris in and around the abode.
**Seal up**: scorpions can fit through the smallest of cracks (as small as the thickness of a credit card). Use caulking to seal every gap you can find (not weep holes). Check and repair the seals around your doors.
**Trap**: use glue boards place next to walls, near doors or possible entry points. A great place to put them is in the garage, although not next to the garage door (they fill up with dirt). Vegetable oil will help unstick an unwanted victim.
**Pesticide**: When I read a pesticide label, scorpions are always at the strongest concentration. A one time treatment will not get the job done. In my experience, even a quarterly application will not help much. There are no baits that I know of. Follow the label for concentration and frequency of application.

Here’s a dead one in a customer’s garage.


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